Outstanding Arrest Warrants in Tampa & Hillsborough County


If you believe there's an outstanding warrant for your arrest in Hillsborough County please contact my office at (813) 877-5858.

My office can check with the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office and Hillsborough County Clerk of Court to verify the existence of an active warrant. Additionally, we can determine the nature of the charge, bond amount (if any), and why the warrant was issued. If there is an active Hillsborough County arrest warrant we can take steps to mitigate the impacts on you and help you return to your life as soon as possible. It is imperative proactive steps are taken to avoid an untimely and embarrassing arrest at your residence or place of business.

If the warrant is associated with a violation of probation (VOP) it is not unusual for the warrant to contain a “No Bond” provision. This means that, upon arrest, you cannot be released from jail nor will a Judge assign a bond at first appearances the next morning. Generally a person will sit in jail, on no bond, until a date is scheduled before the original sentencing Judge.

It is possible in these situations to set a hearing in front of the Violation of Probation court and then turn yourself in immediately before the court date. This avoids a possible lengthy stay in jail waiting for a court date.

An arrest on an outstanding warrant can occur anywhere: at your residence, place of business, or after a random traffic stop. An embarrassing and inconvenient situation can be avoided by addressing the warrant in a timely, organized manner. Additionally, if the warrant is for a felony violation you may be arrested in another state. You could be “stuck” in the extradition process for weeks or even months. To avoid that extreme situation, it is imperative to confront your situation "head on."

Since “9/11” international travel has been highly scrutinized. U.S. Customs runs a warrant check on anyone entering the United States. Most travelers fail to realize this also pertains to U.S. Citizens returning back into the Country. This includes air travel from destinations such as the Caribbean and more importantly, those returning from a cruise that originated within the United States (such as Port of Tampa, Port of Miami, and Port Canaveral). If you have an outstanding warrant, you should contact a competent attorney to prevent your dream vacation from becoming a nightmare.